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Why does the dog keep licking the deck?

Original Article By Joan Morris Dogs find a lot of uses for their tongues, but when it comes to obsessive or repetitive floor looking, it could be a sign that something isn’t quite right. Question: I have a 12 year old Lhasa-poo who has taken to licking our composite deck.  There isn’t anything on it, […]

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125 pets get a new leash on life in Oregon

Original Article By The Statesmen Journal A mother terrier with her litter of five-day-old puppies and a deaf dog named Hazel were among the 108 dogs and 17 cats that arrived in Salem Saturday from high-kill shelters in Oklahoma and will soon be up for adoption. This was the 16th flight organized by Fetch Fido a Flight, […]

Just for fun: A fat cat that has quirky demands!

Original Article By Elyse Wanshel To many, Bruno may seem like he’s from Mars. The adorably weird cat, who is up for adoption, is in need of a human who can cater to his particular brand of quirk, according to a cute Facebook post by Wright Way Rescue, a not-for-profit no-kill animal shelter in Morton […]

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Wildfire smoke can be hazardous to animals: how to keep them safe

Wildfire smoke can be hazardous to animals: how to keep them safe Original Article By Rosemarie Stein The Pacific Northwest’s wildfires and traveling smoke have caused unhealthy air quality off-and-on for nearly a month. With the various warnings from the Department of Environmental Quality comes the advice to stay indoors when possible during “unhealthy” conditions. But what […]

Top 5 Dog Myths Debunked

Article Featured on PetMD Dogs. You gotta love them; what with being Man’s best friend and all. They’re loyal, funny, loving, and snugly. But many myths prevail about our canine friends. Here are the top five dog myths we’ve busted wide open. #5 Dogs Will Eat Anything Have you ever noticed your dog chow down […]