Abused Street Dog Ralph Is Rescued, Turned Into Family Pet In Heartwarming Video

The story of this abandoned dog, who once lived in a vacant lot in Los Angeles, actually has a happy ending.

Last year, a concerned person spotted abused street dog Ralph and notified Eldad Hagar, the founder of nonprofit animal rescue group Hope for Paws. Hagar found Ralph and took him to the Veterinary Care Center for rehabilitation.

Now, Ralph has a new home.

In a post on Facebook, Annie Hart, who works with another dog rescue organization, the Bill Foundation, explains how she was inspired to find a family to adopt Ralphafter meeting him.

I was just a new volunteer at Bill Foundation the first time I saw the original video. I probably watched it 20 times the first night and I was so moved, I sobbed for hours. Watching the way Eldad worked with him inspired me to not only dive deeper into rescue, but also become a part of Ralph’s story.

I went to meet Ralph and we spent a few hours together. Walking, playing, snuggling, even getting kisses on my face from him. However, when I turned to leave, he bit me on my calf. HARD. I was gushing blood through my jeans and during the 10 seconds it took someone to get him off of me, I stood frozen … I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t mad …. I was sad. I realized Ralph wasn’t trying to hurt me. He didn’t want me to leave him. He was scared of being abandoned again.

Though Hagar initially posted a video of Ralph’s rehabilitation after his rescue, an updated video was posted Thursday to show Ralph’s incredible transformation from street dog to loved family pet.

When he was first approached in the vacant lot, the video shows that Ralph needs some edible encouragement to let his saviors get near. Later, at the rescue center, he still acts aggressively and attempts to bite anything that comes near his face. After his adoption, however, Ralph looks like any other happy pooch, romping around a backyard with his new family.

Hope for Paws was started by Hagar and his wife, Audrey. The Los Angeles-based nonprofit responds to reports of abused and abandoned dogs, and often records its rescue missions. In March 2012, Hagar and his wife retrieved a blind, flea-infested dog named Fiona from a trash heap in South Los Angeles. Her rescue gained widespread attention, thrusting Hope for Paws into the national spotlight.

Watch Ralph’s rescue and transformation into a family pet in the heartwarming video above.


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