Are your Pet’s Vaccinations Up-to-Date?

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

Are you and your pet outside hiking, swimming & running all day? Please make sure your pet stays current with all their vaccinations.

Vaccinations are beneficial to your family, not just your pet. Leptospirosis and Rabies are contagious to all family members.

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Vital Vittles for Your Guinea Pig

Looking for ideas on mixing up your Guinea Pig’s diet? Here are some helpful feeding guidelines from the Humane Society site for your Guinea Pig pet.

Use variety to make your piggy’s plate nutritious and appealing

If you had to eat oatmeal every day, three times a day, you’d get sick of it in no . . . → Read More: Vital Vittles for Your Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Care

They’re not pigs and they’re not from New Guinea! Read on to find out what these South American natives need to stay happy and healthy.


Larger than hamsters, but smaller than rabbits, guinea pigs can weigh a couple of pounds and generally live for five to seven years. The three most common breeds of . . . → Read More: Guinea Pig Care