5 Ways to Help a Hiding Cat

By John Gilpatrick | Found on PetMD

It’s hard to say if Garfield started the stereotype of the mischievous, anti-social cat, but he certainly reinforced it, and to be fair, there’s some basis in truth.

While some cats are friendly and cuddly, many others spend their days in dark enclosed spaces and prowl . . . → Read More: 5 Ways to Help a Hiding Cat

What Makes a Cat’s Coat Feel Greasy?

By Cheryl Lock | Found on PetMD

There’s almost nothing better than snuggling up to our furry feline friends at the end of a long day, which is why most cat owners are sure to notice when something is different about their pet’s fur.

“Cats are generally incessant self-groomers, and not for vain reasons,” . . . → Read More: What Makes a Cat’s Coat Feel Greasy?

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Article by Suz Redfern | Found on WebMD

Those stiff hairs on your cat’s face and legs don’t just add to her cuteness — they have real work to do. Whiskers are GPS and radar systems for your cat.“They are a powerful and important part of how a cat senses the world,” says W. . . . → Read More: Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Can Cats Get Concussions?

Article by Maura McAndrew | Found on PetMD

We’ve all heard the sayings that cats have “nine lives” and they “always land on their feet.” These old adages reflect our perception of cats as incredibly resilient creatures. They are graceful, careful, and they know how to take care of themselves. Right? But as cat . . . → Read More: Can Cats Get Concussions?

Worm Treatment and Prevention

Article Found on CatHealth.com

The control of internal parasites in cats should be managed by a licensed veterinarian. Choice of product and the schedule of administration and dosage all need to be appropriate in order to make your investment in this type of therapy pay back with good parasite control. No single product is . . . → Read More: Worm Treatment and Prevention

Cat Cold Weather Mistakes to Avoid

By Katherine Tolford | Found on PetMD

Cats are resourceful creatures with good survival skills. But when the cold chill of winter sets in they are vulnerable to a host of hazards. Dr. Jessica Trimble from fuzzy.com, an in-home veterinary preventative care service, has a list of cold weather mistakes to avoid that will . . . → Read More: Cat Cold Weather Mistakes to Avoid

Kidney Disease in Cats: What Cat Owners Should Know

Article Found on PetHealthNetwork

Perhaps the most important thing to know about kidney diseasein cats is that way too many cats are affected by it. In fact, studies show that 1 in 3 cats suffer from kidney disease, reports Dr. Celeste Clements. Cats can get kidney disease for any number of underlying reasons, and . . . → Read More: Kidney Disease in Cats: What Cat Owners Should Know

5 Things That Stress Out Your Cat

Article Found on PetMD | Written by Paula Fitzsimmons

Sounds and smells we may enjoy or don’t think twice about can make our feline family members miserable. Cats have a heightened sense of smell and hearing that serves their wild counterparts well. But our homes are not the wild.

Nobody can say precisely why your . . . → Read More: 5 Things That Stress Out Your Cat

Cat Won’t Eat? Try These Tricks


Article by Andrew Daniels | Found on PetMD

You’d never miss dinner unless you were sick, and the same is true for most cats. If your furry friend refuses to eat for a period of longer than 24 hours, he or she may have a potentially serious underlying medical problem that requires immediate attention, . . . → Read More: Cat Won’t Eat? Try These Tricks

Cat Exercise: Keeping Your Kitty in Good Shape

Article Found on VetStreet

While most cats will never learn to run on a treadmill, no matter how much catnip you offer, almost all cats do benefit greatly from some form of regular physical activity. Not only does exercise burn calories, improve muscle tone, and reduce a cat’s appetite, but a healthy exercise plan . . . → Read More: Cat Exercise: Keeping Your Kitty in Good Shape