Dr. Lynn Erdman Dr. Lynn Erdman is a Wisconsin native who completed her undergraduate degree in Zoology. From there, she attended Iowa State University for a Masters in parasitology and research in the Pathology Department before entering veterinary school. Together with her late husband, Dr. Tim Girsch, they first practiced in Montana (Tim was an avid fly fisherman, and Montana is Ground Zero). After thawing from -56 degree winters, they arrived in Portland when Tim took a position with Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital. Lynn has practiced both on the West Side and in Lake Oswego. She practices gonzo gardening, finds time to help in conservation projects, and wishes she could learn how to play the ukulele.








Dr. Ron Earp, entered the Veterinary College at Iowa State University in 1985, graduated in 1989 and moved to Portland shortly thereafter, where he has thrived and formed a loyal following among his many Veterinary patients. He has two children, Nate and Mary, who are both adjusting to the rigors of college life. Dr. Earp is an enthusiastic fan of baseball, rooting especially hard for his two favorite teams – the Boston Red Sox and whoever is playing the New York Yankees! He has a cat named Shmoopy and 2 dogs, Luna & Cody. For now.